AAPActual amounts paid
ACMAdministration of the Council of Ministers
CFCohesion fund
ERDFEuropean Regional Development Fund
ESFEuropean Social Fund
EUEuropean Union
FEADFund for European Aid to the Most Deprived
GP (SD)General partnership
JSC (AD)Joint stock company
LLC (OOD)Limited liability company
LP (KD)Limited partnership
LPSC (KDA)Limited partnership with a share capital
NFNational financing
OPEOperational programme "Environment"
OPFOperational programme „Foods“
OPGGOperational programme "Good governance"
OPHRDOperational programme "Human resources development"
OPICOperational programme "Innovations and competitiveness"
OPRGOperational programme "Regions in growth"
OPSESGOperational programme "Science and education for smart growth"
OPTTIOperational programme "Transport and transport infrastructure"
SCFStructural and Cohesion funds
SJCSupreme judicial court
SMJSC (EAD)Single-member joint stock company
SMLLC (EOOD)Single-member limited liability company
SP (ET)Sole proprietor
YEIYouth employment initiative


Beneficiary A public or private body responsible for initiating or both initiating and implementing the project; in the context of State aid schemes - the body which receives the aid; and in the context of financial instruments - the body that implements the financial instrument or the fund of funds as appropriate.
Partner A natural person or legal entity and their associations, which take part in the technical and/ or financial implementation of the project or project activities predefined in the application form.
Priority axis One of the purposes of the strategy in the operational programme, including operations that are interrelated and have specific measurable targets.
Project Approved by the Managing Authority project proposal, for which a Contract is concluded for awarding financial support
The project is financed by the Operational Programme "Technical Assistance" and co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund.
In implementing the project № 0115-CCU-2.1 "Information system for management and monitoring of EU funds in 2014-2020 - UMIS 2020" (BG161PO002-2.1.01-0007-C0001).